Wet n Wild Zodiac Collection Earth Bundle

QUICK DISCLAIMER: Wet n Wild is no longer considered cruelty free.  Please refer to Logical Harmony for more info.

How is everyone’s week going?  Mine has been insane so far.  We are in the beginning stages of redoing our bathrooms, and I’m working on a secret project that requires a LOT of my energy.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but keep your eyes open for something in October.  😉
Wet n wild released a new Zodiac makeup collection, and while I personally don’t believe in any of that stuff, I thought the products looked stunning.  I bought the Earth collection since I am a Capricorn, and I really wanted to try the Earth Eyeshadow Palette and Highlighting Bar.  I was thoroughly impressed with the pigment of everything, especially the Highlight.  My finger barely touched it, and I picked up a LOT of product.  It is slightly too dark for my skin tone, but with a little adjusting, I was able to make it work.  You already know I usually stray far away from shimmers, but I absolutely loved the eyeshadow palette.  In the past, I would get frustrated with shimmers because they were dry, flakey, or they would leave sparkles all over my face.  This palette helped me regain my trust in shimmers!  It was smooth, pigmented, and simple to apply.  The lipgloss was probably my least favorite out of the bundle.  I feel like it was a little patchy, and the color faded quickly.  I still really enjoyed the brownish/red shade, and will probably wear it again on top of another lipstick.
I decided to include one of my makeup looks that I created with this collection so you can see everything put together!
Would you guys like to see a review and swatches of the other wet n wild Zodiac collections? ♡

2 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Zodiac Collection Earth Bundle

  1. I love your blog! It’s so beautifully organized!!! I stay away from shimmer myself! These swatches look great !!!

  2. Love the look! I have a weakness for themed collections haha, makes me want to see the Scorpio one! I feel you 100% on shimmers, I’m glad there’s some good stuff out there. 10/10 would try 🙌🏻

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