Battle of the Wet n Wild Mascaras

QUICK DISCLAIMER: Wet n Wild is no longer considered cruelty free.  Please refer to Logical Harmony for more info.

Let’s take a moment to say a silent prayer for my eyebrows.  They are in desperate need to be threaded, and they don’t do well under pressure.  😛
I have been curious about several of the wet n wild mascaras, and thought it would be fun to compare a few.  For each mascara, I curled my right lashes like I normally would, and left the other eye blank.  Or as I like to call it, bald.  Some of them performed better than others, but overall, they were easy to work with.  They didn’t smell, clump or flake.  They helped keep the curl, and were easy to remove at the end of the day.  My personal favorites were mega volume and mega plump.  I think they worked the best, and would be the most buildable.  That being said, you will not see me recommending that someone rush out, and buy one of these.  If I am being completely candid, I would still reach for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara any day of the week.  However, if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, one of these will get the job done.  I also don’t know how much I will use them because I am an all or nothing person.  I am either wearing little to no makeup, or full glam.  And now that I consider myself a professional with fake lashes (HA), I would much rather apply a strip of them than bother with mascara.
Have you tried any of the wet n wild mascaras?  What were your thoughts? ♡

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One thought on “Battle of the Wet n Wild Mascaras

  1. I think I like how the skinny mascara looks! Lol. I use the loreal pink mascara. The one that’s supposubly “dupe” for better than sex mascara. Have you tried that one? And girrrrrlll!!… I LOVE your eyes!!💙

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