Ulta x Black Widow Collection

If you are reading this, that means the Black Widow movie will FINALLY be releasing soon. I was so excited to watch it in May of 2020, and I bought today’s makeup products with anticipation for the movie. Well, a year later, and it is now time to share the Black Widow makeup collection.

My immediate critique is the timing of the makeup release. I understand why Disney pushed the movie multiple times, but I wish they could have also postponed the Black Widow makeup collection. I’m sure they were trapped in a contract, and did not want the makeup to expire. I just feel like the whole experience fell short because the collection wasn’t tied to the movie. Okay, that’s enough complaining. Onto the actual makeup…

Black Widow Powder Brush ($20):

The makeup is nice, but I was probably the most excited for the brushes. I love the sleek design of the handles and the little black widow symbol. The first time I tried the powder brush was with the three piece face palette. It was extremely soft and blending my bronzer was effortless.

Black Widow Tapered Crease Brush ($10):

Like the powder brush, the crease brush is just as soft which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re looking for. If you want a more pigmented, bold eye statement, this is not the right brush. If you are looking to build the pigment slowly and gently, you will love it.

Black Widow Lip Kit Duo in Strong ($16):

I was not the biggest fan of the pink lipstick shade, but the pencil did a decent job keeping it from fading.

Black Widow Vinyl Lip gloss ($10):

The shades from top to bottom: Siberian Frost, New York, Norway, Budapest… The last three shades are more pigmented than I expected for a gloss, but the formula is pretty good. It’s not heavy, gooey or stringy. I layered Norway over regular lipstick which you will see later, and really enjoyed the look.

Black Widow Face Trio Palette ($16):

Since I had over a year to test it, I can report that I LOVE the bronzer, but the blush and highlighter are just okay. However, I have taken it on a couple road trips and enjoyed saving space in my bag with using a three in one. I even wore the bronzer in my cousin’s wedding in Las Vegas in the middle of summer. It did not budge.

Black Widow Eye Shadow Palette ($20):

I am going to be extremely blunt! In the last year, I have reached for the Black Widow palette three times. That’s it. It was also only in an attempt to try more of the shades and give it a fighting chance. But the shades were extremely dry, not pigmented and what little pigment you could apply, faded quickly. Save your money and grab the brushes or face trio instead.

I used Safe House all over my lids, topped it with Heroic, and Sabotage on my bottom lids. Then I applied Solider from the trio palette in a three shape on my face, and followed it with the Identity on the apples of my cheeks. Espionage was next, and I was immediately impressed by its shimmer. I applied the Strong lip pencil and lipstick and layered Norway on top.

Between the late release of the movie and mediocrity of the eye shadow palette, I am underwhelmed by this collection. It possessed potential, but didn’t quite make the mark. The bronzer in the face trio is amazing though if you have a similar skin shade to me, and the lip glosses were enjoyable.

Are you seeing Black Widow in theaters?

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