The Grey

Recently, I have heard a lot of people talking about how they are a black or white kind of person.  Meaning, something is right or wrong. There is no in between.
I have always been jealous of the people like that.  It must be easier mentally and emotionally to have the ability to differentiate.  I fall somewhere in the middle: the grey.  My brain usually tells me that I have not seen the whole picture; that I’m missing a valid piece of information.  I see both sides, and sometimes it feels like a curse.
You know what you never hear people talk about though?
The colors.

Somewhere away from the black and white, the right and wrong, you can find the colors. And they come in different frequencies for everyone.
My baby cousins laughing… yellow.
Holding my husband’s hand… maroon.
Talking about love and life with one of my best friends… beige.
My first step in the ocean after months away… baby blue.
Walking through Main Street in Disneyland… red.
Standing in a hospital on Valentine’s Day … haze.

We need to learn to take our focus off of the black, white and grey, and put it towards the colors.  Because that’s where you find lifelovehopepeace happiness.

All my love,

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