Girl Power

She has a bigger house than me.
She is skinnier than me.
She is smarter than me.
She has a bigger diamond than me.
She makes more money than me.
She graduated college before me.
She’s more athletic than me.
Etc.… Etc.… Etc.…
The list goes on.
I am getting so tired of women comparing themselves to each other, and trying to be better than everyone else. Let me tell you a secret: It is not a competition. Big surprise, huh? Women are always gossiping about each other; disrespecting one another; tearing each other down. It makes me so sad, and I cannot keep quiet any longer.
I am definitely not a saint. I have hurt many people before with just my words, and I would do anything to take it all back.
But I have also been the victim.
I have had harmful things done or said to me.  Their words echoed in my mind for weeks… months.  I got depressed that I wasn’t capable of always being a straight A student; that I didn’t have the perfect family; that I was clumsy and would destroy almost everything that I touched. Some days, I would just hate myself.  I often wonder what would have happened if they would have lifted me up instead or tearing me down?
Women juggle so many things all hours of the day. We are always multitasking, and taking care of other people. We are constantly stretched to our limit, and then have to wake up and do it all over again.
We have enough to deal with WITHOUT being belittled and disrespected by someone else. We need to stop bragging, and encourage, strengthen, love, and help each other out.  It’s easier than it sounds.
Yes, she may have a bigger house, a bigger diamond, and a smaller waistline. But I promise you she is battling something that you cannot see.
Stop making it a competition. Stop bragging. Stop being self-centered, and start being a friend.
Women are powerful, but imagine how powerful we’d be if we stood together.

All my love,

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