Self Love

I consider myself a pretty nice person. I say please and thank you.  I hold the door open for others; I even let someone with less items cut in front of me at the grocery store.
However, there is one person who I am continually rude to. I belittle her.  I say things to her that I would never say to even my worst enemy.
That person is myself.
Why is it so easy to speak kindly towards a stranger, and neglect the person I see in the mirror everyday?  Why do I openly help others, but constantly tear myself down?  I feel like this generation has so much pressure to be perfect that when we find one little flaw within ourselves, we quickly assume we’re worthless.
I am far, far, far from perfect, but I am so tired of neglecting ME.  I deserve love.  I deserve kindness, and I need to start speaking to myself the way I speak to others.
Who’s with me?


All my love,

One thought on “Self Love

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