I’m Alive

On a car ride back from the beach, the song I’m Alive by Sia came on the radio. Sia’s voice is so beautiful and eccentric, but I couldn’t figure out why her song was so powerful. All she sings in the chorus is “I’m alive” repeatedly… Yet somehow whenever her song ends, I feel refreshed, pumped and ready to take over the world. Can there really be that much meaning behind those two words?

I’m alive.

The definition of alive means to be not dead or alert and active.  I have noticed that many people may be physically alive, but they are dead internally.  They have forgotten their purpose.  They have let others dictate their life, and they walk around aimlessly day to day… with no hope for the future.  I have been dead internally before; I think we all have.  That is why it is so important for all of us to take time to ourselves, sit back and enjoy life.  Because we ARE alive, and that can be taken away so quickly.

All my love,

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