Lake Havasu, Grand Canyon and Desert View Watchtower (Part 1)

Last December, my husband and I ventured through Lake Havasu on route to the Grand Canyon to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. We chose something outdoors and secluded to remain responsible and safe.

Before scrolling through our adventure photos, please know that if we have our masks off, we are NOT around people. Everything we did was socially distanced and the most contact we experienced was checking into our hotel. We take COVID-19 seriously and mapped our path strategically.

Lake Havasu was the half way point to our final resting place in Flagstaff. We made a quick drive to Pittsburg Point, the island that rests next to Lake Havasu City. They have 20 lighthouses that guard the shores of the island!

Our next stop… Coffee! Are you even surprised? The iced latte tasted delicious, but the white chocolate covered espresso bean was the best part.

After several hours and bathroom breaks, we made it to Flagstaff. Arizona sunsets are gorgeous.

We made another coffee stop the following morning before heading to the Grand Canyon, and Penelope enjoyed her first Dutch Bros puppuccino. Just crazy dog mom things.

Once we arrived at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, we bundled up and headed towards the trail. It can be extremely windy so do NOT forget your jacket.

The visitor center and bus system were closed, but their gift shop was open at limited capacity. They also had large, clean restrooms next to the parking lot. Definitely consider utilizing the facilities here since the next restroom is at Yavapai Point.

The lookout points have rails along the sides, but there is a gap on the bottom. Since the wind is vicious and unpredictable, you should keep your smaller dogs extra close.

I have been to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon multiple times, but it was my husband’s first experience!

The paths are wide and flat which makes for an effortless, relaxing stroll.

With the wind gusts being so powerful and unpredictable, do not creep too close to the edge. It might be the last thing you do. 😮

The park contains dozens of resting spots. Sit and enjoy the view!

Since we had a four-legged companion, we were unable to explore the museum. If you are pet free, you should check it out!

Once we were ready for a reprieve from the wind, we hopped back in the truck and started the Desert View Drive. You will find several random lookouts on the road, and they are worth the stop! They offer a unique view of the Grand Canyon and will teach you more about its history.

The Colorado River!

The Desert View Watchtower was designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter in 1932, and its main purpose was to blend into the environment. If you were in the canyon looking up, or viewing it from the North Rim, it would be almost impossible to find.

The Desert View Tower has, in my opinion, one of the best shots of the Grand Canyon. We arrived close to sunset and watching the colors change on the mountain sides was a treat.

After we left Desert View Watchtower, we pulled to the side of the road and relaxed while the sun set over the Grand Canyon.

Quick tip: If you are planning on visiting any of the other national parks in the area, keep your parking ticket. It will save you money.

I hope you enjoyed following along our much belated journey and stay tuned for part two!

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?

All my love,

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  1. Ooo I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon but someday I’ll go with my bf! I loved reading about your trip. Beautiful pictures!

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