Thrift Store Clothing Haul

On Black Friday, I was brave, left the house and ventured to Goodwill. All of their red (and yellow at my local store) tags were on sale for just $1. Red tags never go on sale, and are typically more prestigious products. I scored six tops so it only cost roughly $6! A few of the items are definitely summer attire, but they are still super cute.

#1… When I first spotted the beige, lace top, I instantly pictured it with a black tank top underneath, and mom jeans. Lace adds so much elegance to an outfit!

#2… I think this is technically supposed to be a dress, but I prefer it with jeans. It’s from American Eagle, and VERY well made. It has a fun opening on the back too that adds character.

#3… It’s a little too big, but it will be perfect for the gym. I have been in need of short sleeve workout shirts for cycling, and the Adidas tank was in brand new condition!

Running away from 2019… πŸ˜›

#4… Who doesn’t need another classic black shirt? They will always be in style, and can be paired with anything.

#5… Let’s be honest. I only wanted this crop top because it said mermaid, but you already knew that. I have been called Ariel countless times so I decided to embrace it. Plus, it was soft and cozy!

#6… Realistically, I would wear leggings with an outfit so short, but I wanted to pretend that I was in Maui. Let me dream!!! I will be wearing this a lot next summer!

Look who decided to say hi!

Did you enjoy today’s clothing haul? Would you like to see more posts like this?

Hauls are one of my top favorite things to read/watch, especially thrift store ones. I adore seeing what someone has found, and I get excited for them. Please tell me I’m not the only one… πŸ˜›

I will be taking the next two weeks off for the holidays, but I will still be lurking on social media occasionally. I’m excited to take a mini upload vacation, decompress, and spend time with family. I am so proud that I stuck to my goal of uploading every single week, but I am also learning that it’s okay to put yourself first. I never, ever want to upload content that is forced or rushed. Taking a break will allow me to clear my head, and create bigger and better content for 2020. Who is excited for the new decade?!

I hope you all have a very, merry Christmas, and I will see you next year! πŸ˜‰

All my love,

17 thoughts on “Thrift Store Clothing Haul

  1. My favorite is the dress/shirt thing, it’s so cute and I love that you paired it over jeans! I also love thrift hauls and just had the most AMAZING thrift experience myself, which I plan as posting as a haul soon. Enjoy your mini blogging vacation and happy holidays!!

    Miles of smiles,

  2. You scored some major goodies! I love browsing through my goodwill because you never know what treasure you will end up finding . I found the best old lady vintage looking skirt one day and just needed to get the elastic replaced and now it’s my favorite article of clothing!

  3. The mermaid top, and the blue,white, and black dress were my 2 favorite pieces you got. I love when my goodwill has the $1 sale… but it unfortunately doesn’t happen that often.

  4. I used to have a lace top similar to that in middle school!! I love your haul! I truly need to go to thrift stores!

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