DIY Painted Jean Jacket

Welcome back to selfish content with Meghan! In this segment, we are going to paint a jean jacket and pretend everything is peachy keen in the world.

I have been wanting to paint jean jackets for a while now, and I was so excited to have one of my friends join me on this endeavor. She is the one who introduced me to the talented artist, blogger and painted jean expert, Kessler Ramirez. We closely followed her tips and tricks, and I highly recommend reading her instructions before attempting to paint your own jacket.

Here area a few tools that you will need:

We found our jean jackets at a local thrift store for $10! Make sure to wash, sanitize and fully dry them before you start painting.

I started by applying the tape to the jacket, and triple checking that it was adhered to the right spots.

What happens next is up to your imagination! As long as you mix your paint with a fabric medium beforehand, you are good to go. I decided to paint the vault hunter logo from a video game called Borderlands. If you recognize the symbol or have played one of the games, let me know in the comments below!

I applied a white paint first to outline the logo and ensure that the red paint would really pop.

Once your creation has completely dried, peel off the tape (which is the most satisfying part), and wait 10-20 hours before heat-setting the paint. Ironing is the most efficient method, but Kessler mentions that you can also toss it in your dryer. If you take the ironing route, be sure to flip your jacket inside out and NEVER iron directly on the paint.

Acquiring all of the right tools was the most stressful part about our experience, but overall, it was so relaxing. You should definitely put this on your quarantine/winter activity list if you haven’t already!

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