Thrifty Thursday

If you have been following me for a while, you probably remember my Renovation Wednesday series.  I showed you different ways to add more character to your home without breaking the bank, and now I really want to use that concept… but with outfits instead! So I am starting a new series called Thrifty Thursday!
The title name is definitely not original, but I think it sums everything up perfectly.  I first got this idea when I was scrolling through Instagram.  I stumbled upon a beautiful fashion blogger, and fell in LOVE with her shoes. I immediately clicked on the link attached to her outfit, and almost choked on my coffee.  Paying triple digits on a pair of shoes isn’t something I’m comfortable with.  A few weeks later, I was walking through a store and found the exact same shoes for less than half the price!  I decided then and there that I wanted to show others that they can look fashionable and pulled together without going into debt.  All of the things I will be showing you in this series will have been bought at a thrift store or on a clearance rack.  I will also do my very best to link similar items for you to check out if you are interested!
To kick start the first Thifty Thursday, I wanted to talk to you about a crossbody bag I found at Goodwill for $6!
I have been on a search for a simple, tan “leather” crossbody bag for a very long time.  Everywhere I went had cute ones, but not exactly what I was looking for.  In my desperation, I wandered into Goodwill, and literally walked right into this bag.  I was in denial that it could be that easy so I rummaged through all of the other bags.  I actually found several name brand purses still in good condition!  Steve Madden, Tom Ford, Coach… None of them peaked my interest like the first bag though.  So I walked back, and checked the price.  When I saw it was only $6, I ran to the checkout stand.
Have you ever found the perfect bag at a thrift store? ♡

Crossbody Bag

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