The Poison

I recently reached a thousand followers on Instagram, and while I am definitely excited about it, it got me thinking.
I was so obsessed about reaching this number that I would spend HOURS on Instagram, and ended up losing precious time with my husband and pets in the process. I convinced myself that I would only be a true blogger if I had a thousand followers. My mood greatly depended on how many people I had gained or lost. Trust me, I know how pathetic this sounds, but I want to save others from falling into the same trap.
We live in an age where social media is so deeply intertwined into everything we do. We are always on the hunt to take a photo that will get the most likes. We feel the need to constantly update our status, and brag about our travels abroad, new car, designer purse… We are judged by our content and how many “friends” we have. It’s a never-ending, poisonous cycle.
In a world where we are constantly being followed and unfollowed, it can be a struggle knowing where our self worth comes from. It is not measured by the amount of likes on a photo or views on a video. And it most certainly is NOT from the amount of followers you have.
My worth comes from my faith in God.
My worth comes from who I am and who I am becoming.
My worth is found in my morals and who I am when no one is looking.
Please do not let stupid, irrelevant numbers dictate your value. You are beautifully and wonderfully made just the way you are.

All my love,