Thrifty Thursday

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! We’re all mad here… Since it fell on a Thursday this year, I figured it was the best time to share a Cheshire Cat vest I scored at Salvation Army for only $3! If you follow me on Instagram (@butterflyempire), you already saw a sneak peek of the vest in real time. Salvation Army was taking an extra 50% off certain colored tags, and I got lucky!

I’m still working on my detailed Disney post (expect it mid 2020), but one of my money saving hacks is to buy your merch someplace else. Thrifting, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Walmart… It will be much cheaper, and possibly better quality too!

What are your plans for Halloween? Are you dressing up?

All my love,

10 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. 😻😻 Those photos are beautiful and I love the vest!! I need to go thrifting more. We have a Goodwill in town, but the clothes are so packed it’s hard to search through. Seeing your find gives me motivation to search more.

  2. I LOVE THRIFTING. But at the same time I’m not the most patient. That vest is so freaking awesome! Lol makes me wanna go to goodwill. I didn’t dress up this year, but I got to spend time with my man and we watched classic scary movies. That’s a win in my book!

    If I’m ever in Cali I’d love to thrift with you. (WHEN I come to Cali)

    Love ya!

  3. I love the jacket!!! I really need to start thrift shop! They’re are lots of amazing finds out there. Thank you for always sharing your finds and money saving hacks and finds!

  4. I didn’t dress up for Halloween. But my kiddos did lol. Liam was Superman and Alexis was Wonder Woman. The cutest!! We just had a get together at my house since it was realllllyyyy cold.

  5. I love Salvation Army too! $3 is a great price; love when I find stuff half off there! Just got two shirts for my boyfriend from there for $4 total.

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