L.A. Colors Cream and Matte Lipstick

Happy… do we even know what day it is anymore?

Before California was placed under quarantine, I stumbled across the L.A. Colors Lipstick in Walmart, and they were on sale for $1.48 each! They are normally $3.50. I grabbed five of the cream formula, and five of the matte formula. Each collection has sixteen colors total.

Swatches from top to bottom:








In Love



You can probably tell from the photos, but Bewitched was SO patchy. It was almost impossible to apply for swatches, and it made my lips look crusty. I always exfoliate and moisturize my lips before doing lip swatches so I KNOW it was the lipstick’s fault. I enjoyed the other shades though! Heavenly and In Love were probably my favorites.

I’m wearing Heavenly in the photo! It’s such a nice, everyday shade.

While the creamy formula is slightly more comfortable and lightweight, I can see myself reaching for the matte one first. It’s more durable, and since it’s not a true, flat matte, it has a cleaner, natural look. I also noticed that the lipsticks require warmth before you acquire full pigmentation. When I swatched them, I had to heat them up on my skin first before REALLY seeing the color payoff. Once they are warm, they perform like a normal lipstick!

Have you ever tried the L.A. Colors lipsticks? What was your favorite shade?

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7 thoughts on “L.A. Colors Cream and Matte Lipstick

  1. Nope I have never tried L.A. Girl cosmetics although I plan to when I can. It’s very hard to choose a favorite, Im a fan of brown tone nudes and coral!

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