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I have seen so many videos of people testing blackhead vacuums that I HAD to try it for myself. Honestly, I thought they were a scam or gag gift. I had no idea that they are legit, and if used correctly, can tremendously help clean your pores.

I have been testing the June Julien Blackhead Vacuum since last November, and my pores have definitely shrunk. I’m blown away by the results, and can’t wait to share them with you!

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with acne and blackheads. Especially around my nose area. As I have gotten older, my skin has calmed down, but I am still left with the damage from years of chaos.

We have shared a lot of personal stuff on here so I trust that you will not judge my pores. We all have them!

The device comes with four heads, and truth be told, I have only used the small one. The idea is to use different heads for different parts of the face, but my nose was my only concern. I don’t see the need to suction every single part of your face. That strategy seems excessive, and can agitate your skin. Remember, you are not meant to use this on active breakouts. I can only imagine how painful that would be! This is simply for blackheads. Most people experience blackheads on the nose, and occasionally, the forehead and chin.

My pores before I used it… YIKES.

When you use the pore vacuum, you NEVER, EVER want to leave it in one spot for too long. You will get a bruise and damage your skin. Several of the negative reviews I read about the June Julien device were because they were not following the instructions. If you have a deeply rooted black head, holding the suction in the same spot will NOT extract it. For situations like that, you will need to visit a skincare professional. Just keep the device moving!

It has three settings. To be safe, I started with the first setting because I had no idea how my skin respond. Now I use the third setting, and it’s perfect. I would recommend doing the same, and starting slow before turning it on to full power suction.

The suction does not hurt, but it is not necessarily pleasant. The sensation is similar to peeling off a disposable pore strip. It’s not painful, but feels odd.

Here’s the gunk that was sucked out! Gross yet so satisfying.

My nose immediately after the first use…

I also wanted to quickly mention that whenever I use the pore vacuum, I follow it with the Tarte Knockout Tingling Treatment Toner. Because my pores are so clean, I truly feel like the toner is able to penetrate deeper.

The following morning! The redness died down a lot, and my pores looked slightly smaller.

This is a little over three months later after using it roughly 2-3 times a month, and I can see a HUGE difference in my pore size. It’s difficult to truly show the end result with just a few simple photos, but I promise you, it’s significant.

The pore vacuum is definitely something you want to use a few days before a big event, and not the day of.

Overall, I enjoyed this device, and will continue to use it. It is Meghan approved! I have even caught my hubby using it once or twice, and that’s how I know a product is good.

Pore strips used to be a part of my skincare routine (maybe 2-3 times a month), but they never seemed to extract everything. Plus, I had to buy more, and it felt extremely wasteful. The June Julien Blackhead Vacuum is $26, and I’m pretty sure that it has already paid for itself.

I love that I have found a more effective and environmentally friendly option!

Have you ever tried a pore suction tool? What were your thoughts?

All my love,

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  1. Great review! I also suffer with bad blackheads on my nose and pore strips have never worked for me either😩 I’d to try one of these tools!

  2. Reading this makes me want to try it SO bad! I have always found these fascinating! Great review!

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