Immerse Yourself in Nature

Welcome to the first post of my new February series: Finding Your Happy! When I originally got the idea of this series, I had the hardest time deciding on a name. While I knew exactly the concept that I wanted, it was difficult to put that into words.

“Learn to be Happy”… nope. Sounds like I am teaching you something, and frankly, I’m figuring it all out just like the rest of you.

“Chasing the Happy”… no. That makes it sound like happiness is a marathon, and it’s a race to see who can get to it first.

“Finding the Happy”… I was ALMOST satisfied with this title, but something still felt off. Happiness is such a personal thing, and kind of relative to the person searching for it.

That is how Finding YOUR Happy was born. My happiness may look different than yours and visa versa, and throughout this month, we will be evaluating a few key elements to being H A P P Y. Keep in mind that there really are no rules to this, and I am simply sharing things that have guided me into my own better understanding of happiness.

The reason I didn’t upload sooner is because I was in bed dying from the flu (dying is putting it lightly), and just today, my hubby’s car was stolen. I think life knew the series I was working on, and wanted to mess with us. That’s the thing about happiness… you can choose to have it or you can keep your heart and mind locked onto the negative. As these last few days have shown, it’s an uphill climb to find your happy, and it’s a choice you will have to make every. single. day.

Also, as many of you already know, I have a predisposition to hating February. It seems to only be good at one thing: stealing those I love away from me. While I still will not celebrate Valentine’s Day, I refuse to spend the month depressed and choking on my own tears. I have learned from the pain, and will continue to evolve. I am choosing to focus my heart and energy into things that bring me joy, and I encourage you to do the same.

Starting with Nature…

I will always prefer rain and clouds over a sunny day, but even I can’t deny that there’s something magical about the California sunshine. Now, if you mix the sunshine with a little bit of ocean air, you have created the perfect antidote for just about any heartache. I can’t really explain how it all works, but I have gained many smiles and lost many troubles with my toes in the sand.

I realize not all of you may have the ocean at your fingertips, but I still urge you to get out in nature. Maybe there’s a lake or river near you, or maybe a beautiful walking path you’ve been dying to explore… It could even be your own backyard! Take off your shoes, and feel the earth beneath your feet. There is something so therapeutic and revitalizing about breathing in the fresh air, and taking the time to truly appreciate nature.

Being outside has always been a surefire way to bring me joy, and that is why it was only fitting that it be my first post of the series.

If you guys apply any of the tips from the series or just want to join in on the conversation, please use the hashtag #findingyourhappy ! My upload schedule may be a little random because of being so sick, but I am excited for what we can all learn from each other regarding happiness.

All my love,

8 thoughts on “Immerse Yourself in Nature

  1. I’m sorry your hubbys car got stolen😩
    I also feel like being outside in the fresh air makes me relax, I feel like I let out all my worry’s and sadness.
    Btw you look gorgeous in the pictures 🥰

  2. Oh gosh! I hope you and your hubby can recover the car, such a bad thing to happen! You summed up pretty well what happiness is all about, everyone needs to find their own happiness. Long ago I read in a book that you’re born with 40% of the happiness (it’s in your genes) but the rest is up to you and how you decide to live your life to find happiness. Great post, Meghan! Much love (beautyliss16)

  3. I hope the struggles in my life make me stronger. I know that when I feel like I am being overwhelmed by the world there is nothing more revitalizing than stepping out into a quiet spot in nature. It reminds me to be amazed at how inspiring and beautiful the world is. It’s like getting a breath of new life and the strength to face what the world wants to throw at me. 💜

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