Closet De-clutter and Organization

Happy Friday! Since spring is in the air, I figured this was the perfect time to deep clean my closet. When my husband and I moved last year, we quickly tossed our clothes in the closet and walked away. I never took the time to organize or imagine how I would like things to be laid out. Our closet has a lot of wasted space towards the ceiling, and I would like to utilize it in the near future with shelving. For now, I made minor changes that made the space feel more like my own personal store.

Here is what it looked like before… I had different hangers, skirts that were folded instead of hung, random items thrown into bins, an area rug that was hilariously small for the space and a surplus of clothes that I was not wearing. Just a mess.

I started with removing everything from the closet.

I used the Marie Kondo method to the best of my abilities, but there were a couple pieces that I just couldn’t part with yet. Overall, I donated 53 articles of clothing! It felt so cleansing.

I wanted an affordable way to display my graphic t-shirts, and I found a fabric shirt hanger at Ross for under $10! My Disney shirts, tank tops and long sleeve shirts have their own compartments. It is satisfying to say the least. πŸ˜€

Since I do not own a jewelry box, I have been using a hanging jewelry holder. I will eventually invest in a more mature solution, but for now, it works really well.

Before I even started de-cluttering the closet, I knew that I wanted a way to display and store my sunglasses. I used to have them crammed in our vehicles or scattered around our home. I decided on a wall mount to save space.

The next small upgrade that I made was switching to non-slip hangers with adjustable clips. My skirts are no longer folded and wrinkled and have been given the respect they deserve. I also use them to hang my pants and shorts!

I am NOT a pin collector by any means, but I have acquired quite a few over the years. They used to live their days in a junk drawer, and I never wore them because I could never find the one I wanted. I used SoeKewo adhesive hooks to hold the pin display without damaging the wall. I loved them so much that I added two of the white hooks to our kitchen to hold our oven mitts!

Since we have three pets, I refuse to pay over $50 for a rug. I scored our new grey one for around $40, and while it’s not EXACTLY what I wanted for the space, it is much better than the previous one.



I am sure that I will rearrange this space a million more times, but for now, I am satisfied. It is more functional, organized, and it truly feels like I am shopping when I get dressed!

Have you started spring cleaning?

All my love,

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