The Memories Remain


I have learned a lot of things in 2016.
I learned that I was disposable to some people that I considered true friends.  I learned the unfortunate truth that the people you love the most can hurt you the most.  I have also learned the pain that comes with cleaning out your life.  I have sat back, and watched as my “friends” true colors revealed themselves.  I have been the victim of circumstance, and learned that I cannot grow as a person if I am constantly clinging to empty relationships.  I have encountered death once again, and buried a loved one.  I have thrown caution to the wind, and gone on one of the best road trips of my life.  2016 threw a lot at me, and some things hurt more than others… but it made me stronger.
However, one of the biggest lessons I have learned (and am still learning) is to let go of materialistic things.  I made the decision to pursue memories, not things.  Once I did this, I realized how much I was drowning in stuff.  Little knick-knacks, excessive clothing, accessories, and holiday decor… I decided it was time to do a major spring cleaning.  While I was rummaging through the many boxes in the garage, I found one FULL of cards.  Some from friends, cousins, aunts and uncles… but the ones I had the hardest time parting with were the ones from my grandparents.  I contemplated keeping them, but I knew I hadn’t looked at them in years.  They were not serving me any real purpose except taking up space in my garage.  After several minutes of internal debate, I asked myself, “Why can’t you just let go?”  The answer was quite simple.  I felt like throwing away their cards would somehow erase the memories I made with them.  Like our love would slowly fade away until it’s nonexistent… but true love doesn’t work that way.  It stays with you, surrounds you, and guides you.  The memories are not tied to a folded piece of paper; they live in you.  No one can steal them from you.  They are yours.
If any of you feel emotional attachment to something like I just described, I urge you to let go.  Don’t let material items have control over you, and do not confine your love to a physical item.  The memories are there to stay.  Forever.




Happy New Year, my friends!

All my love,


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