Never Growing Up

When we were younger, we got so excited about the simplest of things.  Our parents could have told us that we were going to the park, and our day was made.  We were content, and had a fresh view on the world. We believed that dreams come true.  We also believed that we can DO or BE anything we want. But somewhere along the way, the world sucks us dry of our joy. We get jobs, bills, fake friendships, broken hearts, college, death, and divorce thrown at us, and we suddenly realize that the world isn’t as perfect as we once thought. Our hearts can harden, and we soon forget about the little things that used to matter.

My question is: how do we keep this from happening? Or if our hearts have already hardened, how do we change?
I think the answer is pretty simple: stay a kid. I don’t mean stop paying your rent, and ignore all your responsibilities. But do what you enjoyed when you were younger. Like, riding a bike. Painting. Exploring. Reading a book. Playing games.  Going to Disneyland. Eating overpriced ice cream, and wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

We spend so much of our life rushing to be an adult; we need to stop, and just be a kid for a day.
After all, growing up is a trap.

All my love,

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