e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick

Happy hump day!  After I tried the e.l.f. Lip Plumping Gloss, I was curious to test more lip products from them.  I wanted to see how miraculous a $3 lipstick could actually be, and spoiler alert, I was impressed.  E.l.f. claims that they are packed with shea, and Vitamin A, C and E.  From my experience, that is completely true.  Swatching fourteen lipsticks back to back would normally leave my lips feeling extremely aggravated and dry.  However, these left the complete opposite effect, and my lips were rejuvenated, moisturized and even healthier than when I had started.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by their pigment, and application.  A few of the darker shades (Bordeaux Beauty, Black Berry, Black Out) were a little patchy, but still very simple to work with.  Honestly, if you were to have blind folded me, and had me try these lipsticks, I would never in a million years think that they came from the drugstore… and even if I did, I would never guess that they cost $3.  That being said, please remember that these are moisturizing, not matte.  So if you are looking for something you can throw on and forget about, these are not for you.  I had to touch up after eating, drinking or after a couple hours of wear.  Personally, that does not bother me because unless I am wearing something completely matte, I always have to reapply throughout the day.  I plan on pairing some of the lipsticks with a lip liner to see if that helps with their longevity.  If it does, I will report back, and update you!
I know that I am probably very late to the game, but I wanted to mention that e.l.f. lipsticks are 100% vegan!
What is your favorite shade, and which one would you be most interested to try? ♡

All my love,

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