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I have never been the best at forgiving.  I can hold a grudge indefinitely and if you have hurt me once, there is a very good chance I lit a match and watched the bridge burn.  Some may call that being immature; I call it survival.
While I am not trying to justify my actions, I recently realized that forgiveness is NOT for the other person’s benefit… it’s strictly for you.  Most of the time the person who has wronged you has already moved on and forgot about the problem.  You forgiving them does nothing to help their state of mind, but it will give you peace.  Their mistake and error is not worth losing sleep at night, and it most certainly is not worth your time.
If you have struggled with this like I have, I urge you to forgive and let go.  We need to do it for our sanity.  For our hearts.  For our well-being.  For our future.

All my love,

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