Renovation Wednesday

Remember how I told you that I’m not a DIY expert?  Well, for this weeks Renovation Wednesday, I was planning to show you how I reupholstered my office/beauty room chair.  I failed miserably, and it turns out that the tool I needed to finish the project, costs a lot more than just buying a brand new chair.  I had already spent several hours on the chair so needless to say, I was pretty upset.  I […]

Never Growing Up

When we were younger, we got so excited about the simplest of things.  Our parents could have told us that we were going to the park, and our day was made.  We were content, and had a fresh view on the world. We believed that dreams come true.  We also believed that we can DO or BE anything we want. But somewhere along the way, the world sucks us dry of our joy. We get […]